What Type of Gamer Are You?

Gamers have different personalities and objectives. There are gamers who just play to relax, and want to refresh their minds after long hours of work. While there are players who aren’t really gamers. They just want to experience this gaming kind of thing so that they will not be left behind when chit chat about their gaming experience have started. Last kind of gamer that exists are those hard-core, competitive, wannabe the best gamers out there who will master that specific game what ever the costs. Yeah I really indicate the costs, as there games that are Pay to win. Buying in game items that will make your character stronger and have the advantage over the free players, obviously those are the perks of purchasing those kind of stuff but again not all players are willing to spend a few dollars or simply they don’t have the money.

Going back to those competitive type of gamersĀ  who loves playing ranked games such as DOTA 2 in Steam. They are the ones who will going to purchased all the best in-app purchase their hands can get. Of course they will also have that bragging rights with their friends and they are really excited to discuss these because of that. These gamers will not sleep until they reached a certain rankings or level/stage of the game and typical gamers in this category can finish a role playing or adventure/action type of gaming in just a single week!! that’s how hard-core they really are. If you know someone who play games like this, just give them some health insights regarding the risk of excessive gaming without the right amount of sleep plus the symptoms that may arise from these kind of habitual activities.

Again where are you belong? let me know by commenting down below what type of gamer are you. I’m in the competitive bracket honestly haha.