Season Limited Edition Skins in Mobile Legends

Season 6 has just ended, have you received your reward skin? or do you reach the required threshold to get a free season 6 skin? In my part I got mine and I extremely happy. I was able to reached Grand master IV and got my prize tickets, battle points, and Season 6 Alpha Sea Gladiator skin which looks really nice.

I’ve been collecting limited edition skins few months ago, although they are really hard to get, it also requires a lot of patience as for this example the season ends in exactly 3 months or 90 days. Lucky you are if your favorite hero such as Alucard, because its season limited skin is somehow not really limited because you can purchased it on the store via the fragments section for around 250 silver fragments.

Fragments can be easily acquired by completing quests or events, at the medal chest, and even on credibility rewards. There’s no way you can buy these using diamonds, but diamonds indeed have much more value as you can use them to buy heroes, buy majority of the skins from the common ones up to the epic skins which are really pricey. The legend skins which are the rarest can be only achieve using magic shop where you really need to buy diamonds play the magic disc and get a magic crystal which is really difficult, then you can trade that one for a legend skin.

If you are contented with getting commons skins, elite, special, and epics, then this cool trick – you will be able to purchased all of these without breaking the bank? yes this is serious. You just need to visit this Free Diamond Cheats for Mobile Legends and you are good to go. They always update their site and your account is safe from getting ban as even the developer of that site play the game and they just simply don’t want to spend their hard-earned money for the game.

By using such website, you just need to work hard for getting tickets, and emblems to upgrade them as they are also vital and one of the prerequisites if you desire to get on top of the ladder in Mobile Legends.