Clash Royale One of The Most Exciting Online Battle Arena Games for Mobile

The online battle arena game Clash Royale is one the best and exciting game ever created for mobile device. It is a strategic game that a single choice of move can make you win or lose. The concept is you get to pick 8 different cards that you can create a battle deck. Battle with friends or anyone online at random and the first one to destroy the king is declared winner. You can also win by destroying enemy crown towers, and defend yours before the timer runs out. The more number of damage dealt to the opponent will be declared as the winner. Evey winner will be rewarded with gold, random chest, and gems which is not common as you really need to buy these if you want to get a huge amount of gems that you can use to buy cards that you needed for your future upgrade. Take note there are several chest type that you might encounter and every one of these contains different amounts of gold, number of cards, and etc.

You start by creating a battle deck which consists of 8 cards. That cards can be used in tandem or combo to each other depending your desire. These cards are categories into troops, spells, and building. There’s also hierarchy like common card, rare card, epic card, and legendary card. There’s also upgrading system like leveling up your card, your king together with the crown towers and optional inside the game purchase like gold and gem stack that you can use for various reasons either upgrading troops, buying cards, buying different chests and many more.

As you win battles you will be promoted and will be climbing up different level of arena where you can unlock new cards that you can later on build or add to your existing deck. Aside from the usual 1 vs 1 battle, there’s also new game modes such as 2v2 with a team mate or random, challenge mode with certain rules according to the event, touchdown mode like an american football game, double or triple elixir, gold and gem rush, and more to come. That’s the reason why this game is really exciting and unpredictable. Every 3 months or less they released new game modes and new cards that we can use. They also post promos for purchase that you can avail discounted, but if you don’t want to buy it – I suggest check YouTube channels to get free CLASH ROYALE gems.

The latest addition to the game is the new chests and daily quests and quest rewards that once completed will offer a new one. Love this feature as it will make every user active to get those rewards. Everyone had a chance to get legendary chest, super magical chest, magical chest, and even the latest Legendary King’s chest.

What Type of Gamer Are You?

Gamers have different personalities and objectives. There are gamers who just play to relax, and want to refresh their minds after long hours of work. While there are players who aren’t really gamers. They just want to experience this gaming kind of thing so that they will not be left behind when chit chat about their gaming experience have started. Last kind of gamer that exists are those hard-core, competitive, wannabe the best gamers out there who will master that specific game what ever the costs. Yeah I really indicate the costs, as there games that are Pay to win. Buying in game items that will make your character stronger and have the advantage over the free players, obviously those are the perks of purchasing those kind of stuff but again not all players are willing to spend a few dollars or simply they don’t have the money.

Going back to those competitive type of gamersĀ  who loves playing ranked games such as DOTA 2 in Steam. They are the ones who will going to purchased all the best in-app purchase their hands can get. Of course they will also have that bragging rights with their friends and they are really excited to discuss these because of that. These gamers will not sleep until they reached a certain rankings or level/stage of the game and typical gamers in this category can finish a role playing or adventure/action type of gaming in just a single week!! that’s how hard-core they really are. If you know someone who play games like this, just give them some health insights regarding the risk of excessive gaming without the right amount of sleep plus the symptoms that may arise from these kind of habitual activities.

Again where are you belong? let me know by commenting down below what type of gamer are you. I’m in the competitive bracket honestly haha.

Season Limited Edition Skins in Mobile Legends

Season 6 has just ended, have you received your reward skin? or do you reach the required threshold to get a free season 6 skin? In my part I got mine and I extremely happy. I was able to reached Grand master IV and got my prize tickets, battle points, and Season 6 Alpha Sea Gladiator skin which looks really nice.

I’ve been collecting limited edition skins few months ago, although they are really hard to get, it also requires a lot of patience as for this example the season ends in exactly 3 months or 90 days. Lucky you are if your favorite hero such as Alucard, because its season limited skin is somehow not really limited because you can purchased it on the store via the fragments section for around 250 silver fragments.

Fragments can be easily acquired by completing quests or events, at the medal chest, and even on credibility rewards. There’s no way you can buy these using diamonds, but diamonds indeed have much more value as you can use them to buy heroes, buy majority of the skins from the common ones up to the epic skins which are really pricey. The legend skins which are the rarest can be only achieve using magic shop where you really need to buy diamonds play the magic disc and get a magic crystal which is really difficult, then you can trade that one for a legend skin.

If you are contented with getting commons skins, elite, special, and epics, then this cool trick – you will be able to purchased all of these without breaking the bank? yes this is serious. You just need to visit this Free Diamond Cheats for Mobile Legends and you are good to go. They always update their site and your account is safe from getting ban as even the developer of that site play the game and they just simply don’t want to spend their hard-earned money for the game.

By using such website, you just need to work hard for getting tickets, and emblems to upgrade them as they are also vital and one of the prerequisites if you desire to get on top of the ladder in Mobile Legends.

Acer Predator Triton 700 Gaming Notebook

Looking for a powerful gaming laptop? then be sure to check out the latest product of Acer, their predator line series. Introducing the new Acer Predator Triton 700. Available inĀ  2 models this machine runs on Windows 10 Home operating system and it is powered by Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor Quad-core 2.80 GHz for both models.

In terms of display it comes with 15.6″ Full HD with aspect ratio of 16:9. It is also equipped with a monster dedicated Nvidia graphics card GTX 1080 with a whooping 8GB of Dedicated Memory. The Triton gaming notebook is also equipped with 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a huge 512 SSD storage for a lightning fast read and write speed of data. The top of the line variant of Triton costs $2999.99 while the lower end will costs you $1999.99.

No doubt, Acer Predator line-up of gaming laptops are one of the most affordable, yet powerful specs in the market. Their price range is very competitive and far cheaper than ASUS ROG, Razer gaming, and Alienware. If you want to experience new level of gaming using mobile devices then grab one of these. I’ve been using gaming notebooks for years, and personally owned an ROG laptop which I bought few years ago. I’m going to try this one from Acer and will give my honest review.